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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Royal Crown Revue - Teams up to Gather Petitions

Hey All you Hepcats out there in Los Feliz!

For those of you who missed it, last night Nov 4th the Royal Crown Revue teamed up with the Save the Derby Coalition at The Derby in Los Feliz for an evening of Swing music and community activism! As most of you know the Derby is set for Demolition by the property owners, Adler Realty. In it's place is a proposed 5 story, 81 luxury condo with retail development.

However, Rebecca Goodman and her volunteer team of merry men and women feverishly worked to set up impressive historic posters, give out T-shirts and gather signatures to stop the Derby's Demise! The news must be getting out because even Channel 2 CbS and Kcal9 News was there to cover the event!~

(click to view video)

Now, let me just say first of all it was great to see the local news covering The Derby story. However, the story was cut off for a breaking news CAR CHASE! Seriously CBS a car chase? Well that's LA for ya and a fine example too! Well luckily "Save The Derby the Blog" was there for ya to catch some of the behind the scenes action!

Click on the photos below to see video of the news crew in Action as well as Volunteers working the crowds.

Now, The news segment portrays The Derby as an old dancing hall that has seen it's last days using slow jazz music and couples nuzzling in the corners! For those of you who have ever been to The Derby know that is far from the case. Infact 15 minutes after the reporters left. The legendary swing band the " Royal Crown Revue " took to the stage and with the sound of whistling and applause the audience promptly turned into a sea of dancers, twisting and twirling to RCR's music!

(Click to view video)
MC Introduces the Royal Crown Revue

Well thats it for now from The Derby the Blog Also don't forget to attend the November 1oth meeting for the city council, this effects everyone and they need to see you there!

As always We will do our best to keep you up to date on the Newest Events!


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