This citizen Blog is dedicated to allowing the Los Feliz Community to voice their opinions regarding Saving one of Los Angeles Last Remaining Old Hollywod Landmarks. The historic "Derby" Building is the last of the remaining Brown Derby's and is set to be demolished!

Monday, October 24, 2005

Going way back to 1928!

Everyday, thousands of motorists drive by The Derby on the corner of Hillhurst and Los Feliz. they are just trying to connect to the 5 freeway, head up to Griffith Park or just fill up their tank at the Gas Station across the way. They are busy each with their own set of lives, errands and agendas.

All the while The Derby sits there watching it all go down as it has for nearly 77 years! It's hard for us to imagine what was going on back in 1928 the year the Derby was built by legendary filmaker Cecil B. Demille the man to create one of the first hollywood motion pictures the Squawman and to become part of pop culture thru aka (Sunset Blvd, Gloria Swanson "I'm ready for my close up Mr. Demille!).

You see, back then Los Feliz was called "East Hollywood" and when "The Derby building" was built it was not for 3 more years before anyone even heard of "The Empire State Building" which was not completed till 1931!

It's hard to envision, Model T's and flappers moving up and down Hillhurst with movie stars, musicians, and other assorted members of the glitterati, which Prior to the 1930s, was Los Angeles' most exclusive and expensive area. But they did! and the Derby building was there too!

I know it's hard to look at the derby today and really get a feel for the culture and times of when it was built so here are a few clips that might help you out! They were all made back in 1928. Check them out!

1. Hollywood tour 2.Buster Keaton 3. Social Scene.

As you can see these clips are a testament to the past and a record of Hollywood history. The same goes for "The Los Feliz Derby" Please sign the petition , Please protest to Save it and if you have some time stop on by say hello and dance a little.


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They were all made back in 1928.
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