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Sunday, October 23, 2005

THIS JUST IN! There are 2 meetings

This just in from Rebecca Goodman of the Derby Coalition!

Calling all Derby Fans:

Thank you all for your support!

Don't forget that there are actually TWO meetings:

The first is on Oct 26th and sponsored by the developer Adler Realty. It will be at the Citibank Building on Hillhurst.

The second is on Nov 10th in the auditorium of a local church at 2071 Dracena Ave. This second meeting is sponsored by the neighborhood council (
The neighborhood council will be making recommendations to the city based on what they hear on Nov 10th. Let's be sure to have a strong showing on Nov 10th ... don't let Adler "still the thunder" and undermine the meeting that may influence whether city planning approves Adlers' plans.

Also, please please write to Tom LaBonge. If you do, the cc function is really helpful. Sometimes politicians "forget" that the community has written to them. If you cc us at "" or "" there is back-up proof to present at important city meetings.

Again, thanks for your support and Long live the Derby


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Sometimes politicians "forget" that the community has written to them.
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