This citizen Blog is dedicated to allowing the Los Feliz Community to voice their opinions regarding Saving one of Los Angeles Last Remaining Old Hollywod Landmarks. The historic "Derby" Building is the last of the remaining Brown Derby's and is set to be demolished!

Friday, November 04, 2005



The Royal Crown Revue will be playing at the Derby while rumor has it that they will make a statement from the stage about the threat to the Derby and the importance of the Town Hall meeting on Nov 10th and why the Derby should stick around for a little while longer, bub!

Speaking of swing bands where is Big Bad Voodo Daddy, they used to play the Derby every wednesday night to sold out crowds. Not to mention the film Swingers rocketed them from playing small clubs to playing the halftime show at the Superbowl! It would be nice to hear how they feel about the Derby's future?

While I'm on the Swingers tip, sources close to "This Blog" say that actor Vince Vaughn is being notified about the Derby's possible demise. Stay tuned folks should be interesting to see how Mr. Vaughn responds. After all The Derby was a main location for the film Swingers where had his break out role as Trent (your so money!) Walker

Some additional info from the "Save the Derby Coalition"

Help Needed!

The save the Derby coalitoins is still looking for a few good people in Save the Derby T-shirts to come early and catch people on the way in and ask them to sign the petition. They have the T-shirts, clipboards, pens, petitions ... everything except a "few good men" or women to volunteer). Also, they could use some help with setting up the table and hanging banners, posters etc.

If you volunteer, they will pay your way into the show! How's that?

To volunteer contact Rebecca Goodman at


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